Best-in-class vending options ideal for Baltimore area businesses

Gain a custom solution

At Jel-Cap Vending, we ensure each of our business customers has exactly the right type of vending option.

Highly trained staff are ready to listen to your break room needs. Once it’s clear what type of vending option you want, we develop the ideal solution, including installing state-of-the-art vending machines. Our dependable service shines as we regularly fill the vending machines with a mix of healthy and traditional snacks, beverages, and food items made at our in-house commissary. We work hard to ensure Jel-Cap Vending is your go-to vending provider.

Make the right choice

Ensure your company gets the best vending solution in order to maximize the onsite benefits.

  • Traditional Vending

  • Technologically-advanced traditional vending equipment that includes electronic payments and reporting.

    • Vending machines connected online
    • Payments using a card or mobile device
    • Zero-cost way to offer snacks and drinks
    • Fast, dependable service around the clock

  • Subsidized Vending

  • Encourage employees to use the onsite break area or opt for a particular type of snack by subsidizing some vending products.

    • Great way to encourage healthy snacking
    • Ensures grab and go options are convenient
    • Creates employee appreciation for the job
    • Allows for a personalized mix of products

  • Free Vending

  • Reward Baltimore employees with a completely free vending machine, where all items are fully subsidized by you.

    • Sets your location apart from the competition
    • Stops staff from leaving the facility for breaks
    • Drives up corporate culture and productivity
    • Results in onsite refreshment without the hassle

Let Jel-Cap Vending experts know how they can assist you in the quest for better vending.

Transform your Baltimore area break room with superior vending options from Jel-Cap Vending at [email protected]; 410.298.8363.