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Jel-Cap Vending offers beverage vending machine service sure to satisfy. Our popular selections are customized to each location and provide a quick, time-saving opportunity to hydrate and boost productivity.

Select your ideal beverage vending machine menu from our wide variety.


From classic to diet, we offer the brand name products you know and love.

Coke Products


Enjoy well-known national beverage brands in your beverage vending machines.

Pepsi Products


Opt for a pure water beverage conveniently available in a grab and go package.

Bottled Water


Add a little color into your hydration routine with bottled water in a mix of flavors.

Flavored Water


Bring the essential vitamins and minerals of fruit to your diet with our many options.



Replenish your hard-working body with drinks designed to maximize hydration.

Sports Drinks


Energize your employees and guests with a broad range of popular energy drinks.

Energy Drinks


Refresh with your favorite iced tea or iced coffee minus the lines and recipes.

Teas & Ready to Drink Coffee


Invigorate your beverage vending machine with new, functional drink options.

Juices & Teas

Coffee, fresh and hassle free

Provide 24 hour coffee without the mess, by opting for the modern hot beverage machines from Jel-Cap Vending.

Provide the energy and sustaining power of coffee to employees and guests whenever they need it with a hot beverage machine. These modern coffee vending machines offer personalized beverages, including different size cups as well as cappuccinos and hot chocolate. The coffee beans are ground fresh or each cup, and creamer and sweetener can be added inside the machine with a few buttons, eliminating messy counters.

Hot coffee machine with happy employee
Gain productivity by offering hot and cold beverages onsite 24 hours a day with beverage vending from Jel-Cap Vending at [email protected] or 410-298-8363.