Service driven by cutting edge technology

State-of-the-art vending machines, kiosks, and coffee brewers

High end technology built to serve our Baltimore customers reliably day after day

Convenient mobile pay options, e.g. Apple Pay & Google Wallet
Up-to-the-minute data from internet connected equipment
Better scheduling for fewer vehicles on the road
Elevated food safety using efficient, refrigerated trucks

Mobile Vending App

Request new products or report an issue directly to use using the mobile app.

Mobile Payments

Pay in multiple ways including with your mobile device using Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

Energy Star

Vending machines built to Energy Star ratings to reduce our impact on the environment.

Refrigerated Trucks

Food transported at the ideal temperature no matter the weather or time of day.

Infrared Technology

Sensors that guarantee a product is delivered or trigger an automatic refund.


From packing cardboard to soda cans, we’ve made recycling part of our operations.

Opt for a refreshment solutions provider invested in the technology to make your service better — Jel-Cap Vending at [email protected] or 410-298-8363.