Westminster vending machinesWestminster’s Best Vending Machine Supplier

If you’re looking to add vending machines to your Westminster office to help improve morale and spur more productivity, Jel-Cap Vending is the company to call. Our range of vending machines include snack vending machines, Coke/Pepsi vending machines, coffee vending machines, food vending machines, and much more. Also, they feature the latest in convenience features. For instance, many of our vending equipment offer guaranteed product delivery, a technology that uses an infra-red eye to determine if a paid for product drops or not. If the item isn’t vended, a refund is provided immediately. All machines are installed for free. And the selection of products to fill them is completely up to your discretion.

Get Professional Office Coffee Services and Water Filtration in Westminster

Westminster offices need good coffee to keep employees energized and happy, and Jel-Cap Vending has the office coffee service to get you there. Our selection of coffees and teas is unmatched, with many of the most popular brands, types and flavors available. Also, we carry many different types and sizes of brewers, from traditional 3-pot burners to single-cup brewers. Look to single-cup brewers when catering to an office with many different tastes and preferences. Rather than trying to cater to everyone with one pot of brew, let them brew their own by the cup. When you engage our services, we’ll not only regularly replenish your coffee supply, but also restock your break room supplies, such as napkins, plates, utensils, filters, stir sticks and creamers.

Our water filtration services are also ideal for Westminster facilities. We utilize both table top and floor standing water filtration systems that hook directly to your water supply, and provide fresh, healthy water – hot or cold – right from the tap.

Westminster office coffee serviceWestminster’s Micro-Market Authority

Want a unique type of vending service for your Westminster facility? Consider Jel-Cap’s Micro-Market program. This is where we come in and convert a portion of your break room into a self-sustaining corner store, with attractive coolers, racks and displays. Then we fill them with your choice of brand name snacks, beverages and food items. We monitor your inventory with our remote, web-based management system to make sure everything stays stocked. Furthermore, the store runs itself with self-checkout kiosks. Employees can simply walk in, grab what they want and scan and pay for the items themselves.

Go with a vending provider you can trust. Contact Jel-Cap Vending today at 410-298-8363 or [email protected]