Bethesda vending machinesGaithersburg Full-Service Vending Machines

Getting the lineup of vending machines you need for your Gaithersburg office is simple – just call on Jel-Cap vending. Our vending machine selection ranges from traditional snack and soda vending machines to more unique options, such as coffee vending machines and cold-food vending machines. These vending machines feature the latest in convenience features, such as cashless payment, which accepts credit cards, debit cards and mobile payment. Also, most of our vending machines are able to be remotely monitored, so we know what your vending machines need before visiting to restock, and it allows us to evaluate your selection and swap in items for less popular choices. Ask about our unique vending agreements, such as subsidized and free vending options.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services Designed for Gaithersburg

Quality coffee in your Gaithersburg office is important for achieving higher morale and greater productivity. In your search for an office coffee solution, go with the pros at Jel-Cap Vending. We have the selection of coffee and tea brands that people prefer. Also, our brewing machine technologies can cater to any sized office. Choose from single-cup brewers to larger, higher volume by-the-pot brewers. All of our machines feature the latest in brewing technologies, providing the highest level of service. Once your service is installed, we’ll come back regularly to replenish your coffee supply and maintain your machines. We’ll also restock other break room needs, if you like, such as stir sticks, napkins, cups, plates, filters, creamers and sweeteners.

A lot of Gaithersburg offices deal with bad water quality. Don’t let it be a problem anymore with a water filtration service from Jel-Cap Vending. We’ll install a water filter right into your water supply to remove the impurities that cause bad taste. We have units to fit any available space, from table-top filters to floor standing units. Once installed, better tasting water is available right out of the tap – hot or cold.

Bethesda office coffee serviceMicro-Markets are Here in Gaithersburg

Want the convenience of a corner store right in your Gaithersburg office? Get a Micro-Market from Jel-Cap Vending. Rather than a bank of vending machines, this is where we convert a portion of your office into a mini-store with an open floor plan of racks, displays and coolers. Micro-Markets can contain a huge variety of products to provide breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner options. Not only will your people appreciate the greater variety of items, but you’ll love the efficiency. There’s no need for store employees as the integrated self-checkout kiosks allow the employees to run the store. Also, security cameras will allow you to always keep the store open, so those coming in early or leaving late have options to keep them fueled. To ensure the store remains full, remote monitoring technologies allow us to keep track of the inventory and replenish before there’s ever a lapse of service.

Get the vending services you need in Gaithersburg by contacting Jel-Cap Vending today. Call 410-298-8363 or e-mail [email protected]