Annapolis vending machinesVending Machines for Annapolis

State-of-the-art vending machines for your Annapolis office or other facility can be found at Jel-Cap Vending. Our vending machines range from standard snack vending, to Coke/Pepsi vending, to food and frozen entrée vending machines. Whatever you select, we have countless products to fill your vending machines. Even if we don’t have what you’re looking for in our current lineup, just let us know what you want and we’ll make every effort to get it for you. Vending machines are installed for free at your Annapolis location, and we regularly maintain our vending equipment after installation.

Add an Office Coffee or Water Filtration Service to your Annapolis Business

Coffee is important to any progressive operation. So don’t take it for granted – add an office coffee service from Jel-Cap Vending to your Annapolis location. We have the brewing equipment to handle a wide range of office sizes and coffee demands, from standard brewers to single-cup equipment. Also, our selection of products includes all types and flavors of coffee and tea.

If water quality is holding you back from achieving the perfect cup of Joe, we also offer water filtration services. Our bottleless systems plug into your water supply to provide better tasting, healthier water from the tap. It’s as simple and convenient as water filtration gets.

Annapolis micro-marketsMicro-Markets Available in Annapolis

Jel-Cap Vending offers Micro-Markets for install in Annapolis. What’s a Micro-Market? Basically, it’s a convenience store located right in your office break room, complete with attractive displays and coolers, and filled with a huge variety of products…many of which not typically available from a vending machine. Another aspect that makes a Micro-Market unique is it’s self-sufficient. Your people walk into the store, pick what they want, scan them at the self-service kiosks, and swipe a card to pay.

Jel-Cap Vending has the solutions for any Annapolis operation. Call 410-298-8363 or e-mail to get started.