The best workplace refreshment

Micro-markets offer hundreds of refreshment options, using contemporary fixtures and the latest technology.

Unique and customizable, micro-markets are the solution to boosting the company culture at your Baltimore location. It’s a great incentive that provides the popular food, snacks, and beverages your employees will love, all onsite. Add company incentives to offer employees something extra, such as reduced pricing or free items, to truly make your break room a workplace benefit. We work with you to customize a perfect fit solution.

Micro-market benefits in Baltimore
Baltimore micro-market benefits

Create a culture that inspires

With the perfect micro-market and employee promotions, your break room can be an asset to the war for top talent in Baltimore.

Nutrition focused

Micro-markets offer a greater selection of healthy options just right to empower employees eating well.

Breaktime efficiency

Snacks, food, and drinks onsite allow employees a quick fix for hunger or thirst, without wasting time offsite.

Drive engagement

Employees love micro-markets, from the enhanced offerings to the self-shopping experience using the kiosk.

Managed inventory

All aspects of the micro-market are more advanced, including the inventory which is fully automated.

Vast options

The open design of a micro-market ensures a larger selection of products is available to your Baltimore employees.

Contemporary designs

From product shelves to glass-front coolers, micro-markets set a more elevated tone in the break room.

Integrated kiosks

Micro-markets feature self-checkout using a state-of-the-art kiosk and touchscreen that takes all payment types.

Special programs

Subsidize all or some of the items in a micro-market to create employee perks that set your workplace apart.

Happier employees

Get more productive employees who are energized and feel happy about their work/life balance.

Gain the advantage in Baltimore with a micro-market in your break room from Jel-Cap Vending at [email protected] or 410-298-8363.