Make your break room THE PLACE for coffee and tea

Office coffee service solutions that rival the coffeehouse

Providers of highly sought after office coffee service in Baltimore

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Enhance focus and collaboration with good coffee

Some say the world runs on coffee, so ensure it’s a perk in your workplace with premium office coffee service.

Join the growing number of tea drinkers after tasting our premium selections.

Brew your coffee, your way, with single serve

Our single-cup solution allows users to make a variety of different coffee or tea from one machine.

One unit can brew dozens of different coffees
No cross contamination between brewing
Eliminates wasted burnt and old coffee
Keeps counters mess free with easy cleanup

Coffee by the pot for high volume and exceptional flavor

Traditional coffee brewers are a tried and true way to extract the best coffee flavor from grounds and meet a high demand. Brew coffee into a pot or thermal, depending on your needs.

Bring a buzz back to the workplace with great office coffee service personalized to you by Jel-Cap Vending at [email protected] or 410-298-8363.